Seven SL Facts

Seven SL Facts

I’m always a little behind with these things, but here are…

Seven SL Facts

1. I opened my SL account after seeing a video on YouTube about The Dominion Femdom and it has been my home ever since. I joined for the kink but it never occurred to me that I would still be there four years later, having made some wonderful friends and shared some amazing experiences. I’ve laughed, I’ve grieved, I’ve cried, I’ve listened to men wax their ball sacks and stick things up their bums.

2. Still on the subject of Dominion, I attended a photography workshop at the sim not long after I started, led by Joie Arai. She taught be about windlight (I’d never heard of it) and told me about Flickr (never heard of it!). Since then, I’ve been introduced to some fantastic people and some amazing talents on Flickr. Every day (well, almost) I am inspired by something on my contacts page.

3. This ( is my favourite picture on Flickr ever. Like, ever.

4. I’ve never deleted anyone from my friends list, unless they’ve really pissed my off. Some of them haven’t logged on for years, but I hate the idea of them one day coming back and finding an empty list. There have been times when I’ve had periods of SL absence, for a variety of reasons and often thought I was done for good. The people, the communities – Dominion, Flickr, Plurk – however, have always brought me back.

5. I am so grateful to Evangeline Eames for her faith in me in general and particularly for allowing me to run the The Dominion Gallery. She is a woman of impeccably high standards so it is a huge compliment that she just lets me get on with it. I absolutely love it and am honoured that so many of my favourite Flickrites – you know who you are

6. I do not know how to use gestures.

7. My inventory is a fucking disaster. A. Fucking. Disaster.


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