My (quite bitchy) Pet Peeves

pet peeves

Behind as ever, but here are my SL/Flickr ‘pet peeves’:

1. Names. You chose a name when you joined SL, it was good enough then and it’s good enough now: stop changing it every week. I’m getting old and just can’t keep track of who’s who anymore. On the subject of names, enough with all that hieroglyphic shit.  Use proper letters.

2. Flickr groups which only allow ‘Safe’ pictures. Most (well, some) Flickr users are sensible people and are able to mark their pictures appropriately; there is nothing wrong with a bit of bum and group moderators have the ability to decline/remove pictures which they feel are inappropriate.  I’m not talking about filling up store groups with tacky porn, but tasteful semi-nudity is not going to kill anyone.

3. Customer service in SL.   I will read your profile and policy; I will not IM you if you are so important that your messages get capped (pssst.. you can get all your IMs via email!); I will try a redelivery terminal; I will jump through burning hoops.  So if I do go to the trouble of sending a notecard about something for which I have given you actual money, at least do me the courtesy of replying.  And please be aware that I am not an idiot. (Disclaimer: most of the customer service I receive is actually pretty great – treat me well and I will be a loyal customer)

4. Children.  I do not want to see your RL children on my Flickr stream.  I do not want to see virtual children in SL.  I just don’t get it.

5. Needy sycophants. 

Style details:

Skin: Glam Affair  – Zara – America Clean 

Hair: Magika – Awake

Eye makeup: L Fauna Simple Smokey

ShirtTee*fy Rachel Ruffle Sweater at Collabor88

Bracelet: [MANDALA] Pearl Rain, maple

Eyes: Poetic, nightfall – nightforest


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